The Chudiwala Tale

A Legacy in Gems: Three Generations of Exquisite Craftsmanship


Our story began with a passion for precious stones. It all started with our grandfather, Lalta Prasad Chudiwala, whose keen eye introduced Burmese rubies and a vibrant array of colored gemstones to the world in 1951

In 1982, the legacy continued as his son, Kishan Chudiwala, at the young age of 15, joined the family business. Together,they embarked on a new chapter, venturing into the art of coral manufacturing.

The year 1990 witnessed another significant milestone. Our grandfather, along with his mother, established a new venture:Shree GK Chudiwalas. This partnership jewellery company solidified the family's dedication to the craft.

Five years later, in 1995, Kishan Chudiwala, took a bold step, pioneering the creation of diamond jewelry. Within a remarkable six months, the company expanded its repertoire further, embracing the artistry of Meena, Kundan, and Polki jewelry. Meanwhile, Lalta Prasad Chudiwala, continued to specialize in Burmese rubies and colored gemstones.

The story continues. Recognizing the growing family involvement, we transitioned the company into a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in the present day. This new chapter, under the name GK Chudiwalas, reflects the combined expertise and passion of the entire family, including sons and their spouses.

Our journey is far from over. With each generation, we strive to uphold the legacy of exquisite craftsmanship, while embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of design.